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Type I ecolabelling training provided by the UK Ecolabel Centre to Mauritius Standard Bureau

The centre for ecolabelling activities in the UK, The Ecolabel Centre has provided a week long training for the newly established ecolabeling scheme in Mauritius. He was chosen due to his expertise on EU Ecolabel of which the new scheme was based upon. One of the founders of the UK Ecolabel Centre and Founder and managing director of Metsims Sustainability Consulting, Dr Hudai Kara was selected as the expert to deliver the training. Equipped with immense practical knowledge on technical evaluations of EU ecolabel scheme and as the leading consultant for the establishment of Turkish Ecolabel Scheme, Dr Kara provided training not only to staff at Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB), who is the programme operator for the scheme, on the technical verification and audit of the scheme, but also to the representatives of textile and paint products groups.

Our economic activity and lifestyle which rely on mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal are causing environmental disruption and pollution. Being aware of the global concern on environmental problems, Countries are trying to promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns. Establishing an ecolabelling scheme is one way to establish such patterns. Mauritius, a tiny island with the population of just over a million and a half situated at the east side of African peninsula, is about to launch ecolabelling scheme run by Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB). This was one of the outcomes of National Programme and Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The purpose of the Ecolabel Scheme is to:

* Create an opportunity for consumers to make an environmentally conscious decision, thus creating market incentives for manufacturers/service providers to develop and supply more environmentally sound products.

* Reduce environmental impacts which may occur during manufacturing/ service provision, utilization, consumption and disposal of products.

* Provide reliable information and guide customers in their choice of products.

* Improve the quality of the environment and encourage the sustainable management of resources.

* Recognize genuine initiatives by organizations to reduce adverse environmental impact of their products.

The industry sectors identified for the Ecolabel Scheme in Mauritius are Textiles, Chemical and Information and Communication Technology. So far, criteria for only textiles and chemicals as paint and varnishes were developed. Dr Kara provided his in dept expertise on training for the MSB staff on the technical verification and auditing procedures. For the week-long training, he provided practical training for the two sector representatives looking for an award of a license to use the Ecolabel.

The UK Ecolabel Centre focuses on the ecolabelling scheme set up, criteria development on products groups and provides consultancy activities for obtaining the Type I labels. The Centre houses the best expert in the world on type I labelling and also acting for auditor for the other type labelling schemes.

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