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The Ecolabel Centre Launched in the UK

Established by the leading expert in environmental labelling. The UK Eco-label Centre is established to serve the UK market for product compliance and environmental labelling. There will be a knowledge vacuum after the UK will leave the EU after the Brexit. UK will not be regulated by the EU Ecolabel for example, which in turn will leave UK license holders in dilemma.

The Centre will also provide services for Nordic Swan and Blue Angel type I eco-labels. As such, there will be vast variety of product groups and services for the award of eco-label to gain a competitive advangate.

There has been very speedy developments in Environmental Product Declarations especially for construction products. The Centre will also focus on these declarations and will be single source of such information such as digital databases for product compliance.

Any license holders are welcome to get in touch with the Centre and ask about the future of environmental compliance for their products and services. It is also free to be listed in the database which will be used as a single source for green procurement in the UK.

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