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Green Economy Celebrate World Ecolabel Day

Green Economy Celebrate World Ecolabel Day

Leaders in the Green Economy Celebrate World Ecolabel Day 
9 October 2019 – Shoppers, purchasers and manufacturers around the globe will celebrate the leading green products and services on World Ecolabel Day on 17 October 2019. Ecolabels from nearly 60 countries will be highlighted as the preferred labels to reduce environmental and health impacts and to protect our planet.

World Ecolabel Day started at the Global Ecolabelling Network(GEN), a consortium of life cycle-based environmental labels, in 2017. Since then members and supporters of the Network have created videos, launched social media campaigns and held community activities in support of sustainable production and consumption.

Just a few examples of celebrations include: Ecolabel TCO Certified in Sweden worked with the EU Ecolabel to develop a webinar on green labels; The Singapore Environment Council created a roadshow to engage the public; A film campaign was created through the cooperation of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Fairtrade International; and the One Planet Network and Consumers International blogged about World Ecolabel Day. Groups in Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Ukraine, the US, and more have celebrated the day with materials provided by GEN. This year a new set of videos were created and have been shared on the GEN website. There will be activities, promotions, and education in almost every country that has ecolabelled products and services during the week leading up to and including World Ecolabel Day.

“Developing, purchasing and using products that meet the strict requirements of an ecolabel supports the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly, particularly Goal #12 Responsible Production and Consumption,” said Bjorn-Erik Lonn, Board Chair for the Global Ecolabelling Network. “Little changes made by everyone create a huge effect, making the much-needed bigger changes possible.” 

World Ecolabel Day is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on certified products and services, showing customers the power behind ecolabels to build trust, protect against false green claims, and stand for superior environmental performance as evidenced by independent, third-party certification. For more information and ideas on how to celebrate, visit 

About the Global Ecolabelling Network: The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) is a non-profit association of leading ecolabelling organisations worldwide. GEN was founded in 1994 to help protect the environment by improving, promoting, and developing the ecolabelling of green products and sustainable services.

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