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FDEB 30 Alpha V Raised Access Flooring System


This EPD provides environmental performance indicators for a loose-laid raised access flooring system comprising Kingspan Access Floors FDEB30 panel combined with its Alpha V pedestals and caps. This is a cradle-to-gate EPD in accordance with the requirements of EN 15804, and thus covers the modules A1 – A3 defined in that standard. The declared unit is 1 square metre (1m2) of flooring system.

The FDEB30 panel is based on a 600mm-square module made of a high-performance high-density particle chipboard core; its bottom surface is laminated with galvanised-steel sheet. A vinyl surface finish is laminated to the top surface and the panel is encapsulated by a full-depth edge ABS band to protect the edge of the surface finish.

The Alpha V pedestal is of a zinc-plated steel construction to allow electrical continuity, and pre-assembled to help minimize installation time.

The FDEB30 Alpha V flooring system is independently tested in accordance with the PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU Specification to Medium Grade.

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