Environmental Product Declaration-EPD

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document that communicates verified, transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. It is a standardized way of quantifying the environmental impact of a product or system based on pre-determined parameters using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and product specific guidance documents called Product Category Rules (PCR).

By creating EPDs for your product, you can comply with the accepted industry standards and communicate objectively about your environmental performance.

Because EPDs are made according to a transparent standard and verified by an external expert, they can help you comply with regulations and avoid greenwashing. Both aspects are increasingly important to customers.

EPDs are not ‘green’ certificates or claims of environmental superiority (unlike Type I labels).

Our services for EPD certification includes:

  • Project initiation and kick-off meeting
  • Identification of relevant life cycle stages, inventory data collection
  • Modelling of life cycle stages and calculations of environmental impacts
  • LCA report preparation
  • Designing and preparation of EPD document for declaration
  • Managing EPD application process including the selection and liaison with the verifier
  • EPD digitization service (including your product in databases such as UKCoMDat)

 Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your requirements further.

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